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Noico 80 Mil X 18 Sq Ft Self-adhesive Foil & Butyl Mat Audio Deadening and Sound Dampening Automotive Insulation (Sound Deadener for Cars & Trucks)

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Product Description
  • Audio insulation Noico has a special indicator of the quality of stickiness. The special embossing on the foil must be rolled out while installing, then you'll be 100% sure that the insulation is installed correctly and professionally ! The sound dampening material comes in sheets - which is convenient for installation and cutting!
  • Don't miss a chance to get an extra 50 % of the quality and effect for just 20 % of the price. Now the material is 1,5 times thicker, 1,5 times more effective insulation,1,5 times more qualitative insulation. Noico Silver 80 mil is 1,5 times better in comparison to sound deadening material of 50 mil and just 20 % more expensive. The thicker the material the more effectively it works. Noico Silver 80 mil will ensure your ride to be more comfortable and quieter. You pay just extra 20 % of the price (1 sqft 80 mil is $0,29 more expensive than 1 sqft 50 mil) and get 1,5 times thicker material (that means your drive is 1,5 times quieter, the thermal insulation is 1,5 times more effective, your car speakers work 1,5 times better) than the one of 50 mil. Noico just 80 mil $ 1.67 per 1 sqft! Not only you buy an excellent quality product but also will save more than 20 % comparing to Gtmat, 3M and Fatmat! And of course, it is more cost-effective solution than sound deadening Dynamat, Hushmat and Stinger Road Kill!
  • Car adhesive insulation basically comprises butyl. Noico just 80 mil $ 1.67 per 1 sqft! Not only you buy an excellent quality product but also will save more than 20 % comparing to Gtmat , 3M and Fatmat ! And of course, it is more cost-effective solution than sound deadening Dynamat , Hushmat and Stinger Road Kill! Sound deadening Noico has a total weight of 0.65 lbs / 1 sq ft. This weight ensures maximum efficiency and sound insulation, which can give the material thickness of 80 mil. Easy to use!
  • Sound deadener material Noico 80 mil manufactured specifically for professional audio installation of your car. Noico 80 mil actively used by competitors in car audio in Europe, Asia, Australia! Noico 80 mil struggling with noise in the car is 1.5 times better in comparison with Noico 50 mil! Vibro dampening material will improve the sound standard audio system (feel the difference your sound speakers and a subwoofer). Noico to some extent is a thermal insulator and can contribute to a more comfortable stay in the car - both in heat and cold.
  • Specifications sound deadening material: Thickness 80 mil; Total coverage area of 18 sq.feet; Number of sheets in the stack 9; Sheet Size 15x19.5 inch. Roll not included. Installation recommendations: 1) Study on the Internet how to easy to disassemble door panels, as well hood liner of the vehicle (it is important that you do not break or damage spoil your car). 2) Once you have sorted out your car, remove the remnants of the factory sound insulation. 3) Thoroughly clean and degrease the area of treatment! Surface must be clean! You can install material on not well cleaned surface, but in the future may have problems such as corrosion. 4) Measure the treated area. We recommend that you make a paper pattern ( layout of the right size ) , and then transfer it onto a sheet of sound insulation. 5) Carefully cut a piece of the desired sound insulation. 6) Without removing the adhesive paper try on a piece to the desired location. 7) Only then remove the protective paper. 8) Then attach the material to the right place, stick it carefully and go over with the roller, to the point where the foil is smooth and embossing is not visible. Also make sure there are no air bubbles under the material. 9) If it's cold weather, slight heating of the material will make your work more enjoyable and comfortable. 10) You can also handle the edges and joints of the material - aluminum tape for sound insulation. 11) Carefully put your car back together. Congratulations! You did soundproofing your car properly! * Installation require temperature above 53F
Our material is produced the largest European manufacturers of automotive components. This allows us to offer good quality at the best price. Noico just 80 mil $1.67 per 1 sqft! Not only you buy an excellent quality product but also will save more than 20% comparing to Gtmat, 3M and Fatmat! It is more cost-effective solution than sound deadening Dynamat, Hushmat and Stinger Road Kill! Noico 80 mil is full weighted sound deadening material! Vibro - dampening layer is a composition of butyl and different improvers. In order for the material to function effectively, these items should be used in the correct proportions. The optimum weight of the material 80 mil - a minimum of 0.67lbs/1sqft. Another weight of the material may affect the physical properties of the material and its effectiveness. Noico has an optimum level of adhesion! Noico - easy to work and cut, comfortable material. Material is intended for professional sound deadening the car. This can be confirmed Champions on the Autosound competitions of Europe, Asia! These people really understand sound quality audio! Noico will allow audio system sound even better! Also the material acts as insulation. This isn't a 100% solution to the problem of insulation in the processing machine, but to what extent can solve this issue. BUT! Still, we recommend that in addition to the 80 mil Noico use a second layer of closed cell foam, which is a special heat and noise blocking material. PAY ATTENTION! Right installation material is a 50% success in the process of soundproofing car. Carefully pre-roll material to the fat-free surface. That is why for the convenience of our sound deadener material has a special embossing on the foil so you can see which areas have already been rolled and which need to be improved. Noico 80 mil is a high quality sound deadening insulation.
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